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So here's the thing. I haven't blogged in ages or updated my portfolio, business is going great and I'm trying to grow a team, and I'm speaking at like four conferences this spring. There's soooo much I could post, but I'm going to take it slowly. 

Before I delete these pics off my desktop (it's like a guilt trip to write this post since having the urge to clean the files on my desktop), I wanted to talk about my Atlanta trip last week. I booked a cheap flight to ATL back in December and stayed with an awesome friend and fellow girlboss, Karen of wedding and event design company Pop & Fizz). I like to capitalize on my trips when possible, so I thought to myself (which I do often), "Why not host a little event in Atlanta while I'm there?" Especially because I have another awesome, event-planning and branding ninja friend like Porsha of #GoWrkGrls who I've already collaborated with in the past. We hosted a women's panel in Philadelphia like four years ago, so I knew it would be an easy partnership. I hit her up and we ended up planning the whole event within the day. We pooled our resources (especially Porsha's local connects like WeWork holla holla) and were able to create a Sunday meetup and panel discussion for women called "Women Conquering Media."


Speakers included:

  • Diamonde Williamson of Blossom (a personalized tv experience for women of color curated and created by women of color)
  • Beca Grimm of Dope Girls (a zine for women and nonbinary people who get high & still get shit done) and 
  • Umama Kibria of Sass Brands (a marketing agency serving clients in the health and fitness industry)

...I made that into bullet points so y'all can follow them, duh!

The WeWork venue was absolutely gorgeous and we had food and drinks sponsored by friends (thanks Karen and Paul!) The best part was Priv joining forces and doing makeup, nails, and massages for attendees before the event. Totally missed a free massage opportunity, but shit happens.

I mean overall, it was a success and I'm so happy to mark off Atlanta from my "cities to host events in" list. The best part was the community of women that came to the event. One attendee said that "this type of event and space for women is so needed here." If I take FearlessCon on the road, Atlanta is definitely a stop. Here are some pics from the event below so you know I'm not lying ha ha.  

Back to deleting things from my desktop!

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Client: CityFitGirls

CityFitGirls is a running and fitness community for women here in Philadelphia. It was created a few years ago by two awesome women (and friends!) Kiera and Takia. They host a yearly FitRetreat to bring together over 150 women for a full day of nourishing the mind, body and soul. From fitness classes, lifestyle workshops and a delicious and healthy brunch (with mimosas of course!), FitRetreat has been a great event that I've had the pleasure of photographing for the past three years. It's exciting to see a client use your photographs for their overall brand look and content, so thank you Kiera and Takia! 

Client: Cordes Foundation

The Cordes Foundation "connects social entrepreneurs with the right resources and stakeholders, convenes events that enhance and strengthen the impact investing and social entrepreneurial ecosystems and catalyzes 100% of its balance sheet to elevate the role of women globally." This redesign project was definitely a highlight of my year! I've never done a website for a foundation before, but I loved having the creative freedom to redesign the style, branding and flow for the Cordes website to pack a punch for their audience. I incorporated higher quality images thanks to their portfolio organizations and partners, weaved in more of their branding and colors throughout the site, made sections more interactive (like this awesome global map and filter for their fellows, designed and coded by my developer Chris), and updated their logo and business card designs. Take a look below for some of their before and afters, and check out CordesFoundation.org to view the full site! 



CordesFoundation - Before.png

Business Cards - Before/After


Client: PayalMUA

Payal came to me in early 2017 to help her revamp her digital presence. Her website was hosted on Wordpress.com without any call-to-actions (which would make it easy for clients to hire her) or an updated portfolio. After taking a look at the her competitors in the makeup professionals and bridal industry, I saw such an advantage Payal could have when it came to having a strong brand presence on both social and web. I was able to spruce up her logo, add a consistent and neutral color palette, and design a beautiful and responsive new website using WordPress (incorporating both photos from our branded photoshoot and other photographer shoots). Her client leads and intake has increased tremendously since launching her new site thanks to her easy-to-use navigation and site flow, relevant call-to-actions, and site visuals. Take a look at her new headquarters at PayalMUA.com to see what I'm talking about!

Client: GrowthCounsel

A former client, Ryan Wertman, reached out to me to design a website for his new law firm with partner Geoff Schwartz, Growth Counsel. They both wanted the site to look fresh, modern and easy to use for their clients. Ryan's one of those clients that are great to work with so I hopped onto the project asap. As fellow entrepreneurs, both Ryan and Geoff were straight, to the point and timely with all of their deliverables and feedback. I also shot some new headshots and brand photography for them (in lieu of the corny stock photography other law firms use), and the result is GrowthCounsel.com. Please hire them for any future legal binds or messes you find yourself in because they're awesome. Enjoy!

You There Spring?

Global warming is real yo. I'm currently enjoying a beautiful and warm weekend here in Philadelphia...and yes it's February. Should we be worried? Probably. 

So what's new folks? Let's seeeeeeee. I relaunched Femme & Fortune with more clarity and vision than ever before. Thanks to Designer Vaca that I attended out in Cali in November, I got so inspired by the women there and came back to Philly with a mission. I realized I was sitting on gold with Femme & Fortune and that I needed to connect all of my passions under this one brand. It's making the whole "So what do you do?" question at events much easier to be able to say one, concise title. We had this dope launch party, brought on some new team members and Nikki stepped up as Operations Director/Partner for the company. We're now building the brand together in our little apartment (Hive 2.0 ha), and it's been quite the journey. She's been with me since May 2015 (I was going to say last May, but woah it's been almost two years) and has been my right and left-hand chick with The Fearless Conference, The Hive and now Femme & Fortune. We've been brainstorming like crazy and there's so much damn potential to grow this brand into something bigger. We couldn't be happier working our asses off each day and night. It's been a struggle, but an upward struggle. No one ever said entrepreneurship would be easy. I mean, two months into our relaunch and we're launching a collaboration with a beauty client on a female empowerment/boss lady collection for spring/summer 2017. One of the colors in the collection is going to be named Femme & Fortune. I mean, what a dream! I might cry when I see the packaging. We're really trying to do some really creative stuff, so stay tuned.  

On the travel front, I've stayed put in Philly for a good three months. World record? I'm itching to go somewhere asap and Havana has my eye. The second I can afford it, I'm booking a ticket there. I'll also be going to Croatia at the end of May for an awesome retreat with the global network I'm part of, so gotta start saving for that. Toronto will be happening again in September thanks to a dope new friend who's letting me crash at her crib. Italy is also on the horizon, as my mom wants to do another mother/daughter trip (i.e. thanks for paying mom!). Other than that, the world is my oyster and I hope to schedule in a few more trips here and there if I can.  

That's about it folks. Working hard and trying to stay sane. Howboutchu?


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