The Struggle Is Real - Now Offering Group Coaching Sessions


Exciting, exciting times everyone! I'm opening up a new office and studio space here in Fishtown (Philadelphia), and I couldn't be more excited. I've started to outgrow my home office so I decided to take the leap and invest in a new creative space. I'll be hosting more programming (think workshops, small panels, and private dinners), so stay tuned as I'll be posting the events here, on social and the studio's site (launching later this fall).

To kickstart the programming, I'm launching group coaching sessions for creatives to come together, get real about their business struggles/questions/challenges and leave with a game plan and new accountability partners to help take their brand to the next level. Sessions will be hosted and led by me, but everyone within the session will be providing their input, experience, and ideas to one another. 

Sessions will last 2 hours and vary between Saturday mornings or weeknight evenings depending on everyone's schedule. We will have drinks (lots of caffeine!) and snacks for those attending, and all genders and industries are welcome. Each session will be capped at 4 attendees within our beautiful new studio space so that discussions remain focused and everyone has the opportunity to share and gain feedback from the whole squad. We'll have a mixture of exercises and questions to go through, as well as a dedicated amount of time for each attendee to speak and receive direct feedback.


These group coaching sessions are for you if:

- You're struggling with moving your brand forward, making money or even launching your idea(s)

- You need motivation and accountability when it comes to getting shit done

- You lack a core group of fellow goal-getters or hustlers around you to keep you on your toes

- You learn better in-person and/or within a group

- You're able to take constructive criticism 

- You're willing to provide feedback and encouragement to the other creatives in your session

- You pinky swear to try your hardest to take everything you learn and put it into action after the session ends


What You'll Receive:

- A strategic game plan for the next few weeks and months to grow or launch your business

- New contacts and partnership ideas from fellow attendees (aka your new accountability squad)

- Answers to your business questions and honest feedback about your idea or business 


The Fine Print:

- The investment for each session is $100 and must be paid prior to the session.

- Attendees are chosen on a rolling application-basis. I'm looking for folks who are ready to invest in themselves and their business and are looking for some guidance and direction to achieve their goals. 

- These group coaching sessions are a safe space to have authentic conversations about the struggles we all face when running or starting a business. Good vibes only, so please come with an open mind and optimism. 

To apply for an upcoming group coaching session, please use the button below. I'll be in contact with you by November 1st to schedule your session and introduce you to your session squad. Can't wait!