If you like piña coladas...


So I had this $200 ticket voucher from a flight last year that I needed to spend on a random trip. So where did I end up using it?  

Why, Puerto Rico of course! Getting there was actually pretty stressful. I missed my morning flight, my train to Newark airport and all this other nonsense that occurred along the way. Thankfully my friend Teddy came in the clutch and got me safe and sound to the airport, and I was able to fly into the beautiful city of San Juan that night. Once I landed, I took a 15-minute drive and stayed at the Palace Hostel located in the Miramar neighborhood. I've loved staying at hostels ever since my trip to Europe in February (which I need to edit photos of as well oops), because you get to make random friends, sleep somewhere for super cheap and some hostels allow you to stay in parts of the city that are less touristy.

I was in San Juan from a Wednesday night until Monday morning and spent most of my time finding coffee shops to work out of (gotta keep the digital nomad lifestyle strong), tanning and eventually burning at the beach or wandering around the historic Old San Juan part of the city with fellow hostel friends. Once the weekend hit, my bestie Kat flew in for two days of "baecationing." We went to the gorgeous national rainforest - El Yunque - and hiked for about a mile or so until we came to La Mina Falls. Lots of tourists, but still a pretty view. I didn't take my camera in because I didn't know what to expect on the hike, so the only photo I have from the falls are on my Instagram here.

Food-wise, I ate a lot of empanadas because they're cheap and delicious. And since I was traveling solo for most of the trip, I just ate at random shops here and there. Nothing really stood out to me, other than this delicious popsicle I had from Senor Paleta - their branding is sooo cute btw.  I did go out on the weekends - so check out La Factoria in Old San Juan (you need to be over 23 years old or something to get in) or La Placita which is just a block or two of bars/dance clubs ranging in every vibe or style you'd want. I didn't get too wild, so I'll save that energy for a random bachelorette party down the line.

So would I visit San Juan again? For sure. But for now, here are some of my photos from the trip. Enjoy!