27 Things I Learned Or Did in 2015

Around this time of year, I browse some of my favorite blogs and see beautifully curated lists of lessons learned or yearly recaps. I pretty much fail each year to take the time and write one of these types of posts, but alas - no more! I think it's a great exercise to look back at your year and see your ups, downs, successes, failures, friendships, breakups, and so on because it puts your whole year into perspective. I spent this whole NYE weekend in my apartment half-dressed and watching Netflix (I even took a bubble bath in my tub today, but the bubbles didn't work...), so I think I owe it to myself and my fleeting memory to write a little post in honor of the past year. Because I turned 27 in August, I'm only writing 27 things in case you were wondering why I picked a random number. These aren't in any particular order, so leggo...

  1. Surround yourself with people you actually like. Life is too short to have negative or unproductive energy weigh you down.
  2. The universe can play extremely funny tricks on you, so be careful what you wish for (especially when it comes to dating and men).
  3. Money fucking sucks. But it can also be awesome. Spend it wisely and start saving.
  4. You can wake up in your bed one day, and walk along the Mediterranean Coast in Tel Aviv another day. Keep working hard and make connections because you never know where they can randomly lead you.
  5. Respond back to people. Keep that door of communication always open. Unless the other person or party sucks...then you can ignore them.
  6. I saw my childhood idol Jessica Alba speak at a conference about 5 feet away from me. Dreams do come true people.
  7. If something doesn't feel right in your gut, speak up and do something about it! Change what you want because you have that power to do so.
  8. Living by myself has been one of the best decisions I've made this year. I love my apartment (which reminds me, I should probably do a little tour of it soon), and I love the privacy and personal space I get in it.
  9. Be organized. But even if you're not, work your ass off. I was able to pull off the Fearless Philly Conference in not a lot of time, and it worked out.
  10. Speaking of that conference, find people who believe in you and your mission and bring them on your team. It will only elevate your overall mission.
  11. You never know until you ask, so just freaking ask people! I got some amazing speakers and perks for the conference all because I sent some DMs/emails and asked.
  12. But before you ask, build those connections and cultivate your network. Then ask for favors, but be ready to do some in return one day.
  13. Eyelash extensions are an instant boost. Once I have a more stable income, they might be my monthly splurge hehe.
  14. Not all of your ideas or efforts will pay off. But at least try them out so that you can learn from them. The second, third or fourth time around will be better.
  15. Tarot card readers can say some crazy things that'll make you book one way tickets to Europe. #yolo
  16. Throw events. I'm so happy to have so many workshops, open mic nights, a conference for women, a very successful Forbes Summit brunch event and more under my event planning belt. Once I organize my life a bit more, 2016 events will start happening.
  17. The pressure is good for you. When you think you can't do more, you can. Keep the hustle going.
  18. Some great people from my past came back into my life this year. I'm so grateful for them and their insight about who I was and who I am now. Sometimes you forget the smallest details, but to hear that my high school friend wasn't surprised at all about my unconventional path in life made me feel like I was doing the right thing afterall.
  19. I went on two retreats to the Poconos with a global network I'm part of called the Thousand Network. Such an amazing family of global movers and shakers. I'll be going to Panama in February with over 100 of them and I couldn't be more excited.
  20. I spoke on a ton of panels and speaking engagements this year including New York Internet Week, an hour talk with Walnut Street Labs in West Chester, and Al Dia's Billennial series. Yeah, I can still get jittery doing public speaking but I'm so much more confident now than I was a year ago.
  21. Travel Travel Travel! I became such a travel nut thank god. Nationally, I went to Orlando (Disneyworld), Chicago, Poconos, Cape May, Washington DC, Lake George in upstate New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Denver, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Globally, I went to San Miguel De Allende in Mexico and all over Israel. I've got Berlin, London and the jungles of Panama set for February so I'm off to a great 2016.
  22. I got two new tattoos - a compass on my wrist and "color me with your thoughts" on my shoulder blade. Five in total, but not the last as I've digging ink now.
  23. I joined Cheyenne's #BodyLoveTribe and got some gorgeous boudoir photos done. I can't thank her enough for the confidence boost!
  24. Clients that turn into friends is such a dream. Thank you to all of my great clients this year and I can't wait to get creative with more clients in 2016.
  25. I made my own line of products - tote bags and tee's to start! Sample products, but I hope to launch more boss lady items in a shop this year.
  26. I became a model for Google. Hands down the most amazing experience of my life.
  27. Okay, turns out 27 isn't enough because I have more things I want to add. Either way, I learned this year that if I work hard enough and dream big enough, things will start to happen. 2015 was a test of my accountability and persistence. 2016 will be an even bigger test and I can't freaking wait.

Hope you enjoyed that post as much as I did haha. What are some of the major lessons or experiences you had this year?