I Love To Hate The Bachelor.

So I gotta give it to ABC. I mean, creating season after season of hilarious, Soup-worthy material in "The Bachelor" is just genius. Tonight is dedicated to catching up with the current season of the Bachelor starring Ben, the boy-next-door from San Francisco. The season started off with introductions of all 25 'eligible'* bachelorettes, all of which were pretty priceless. There were awkward silences, psychotic behavior and overly-aggressive personalities. The first episode of each season pretty much sums up what's to come for viewers--reason why it's almost an injustice to yourself if you miss out on it. What I have realized watching this show, though, are gone are the days of casually meeting someone through a friend, workplace or from a night at the bar. Today's day and age is full of virtual profiles on OkCupids and applications to be chosen for shows like "The Bachelor." Can true love really be found through such public displays of attention? Don't the statistics show that relationships formed in the public eye usually don't last? Either way, I want to thank the girls on The Bachelor for showing me how crazy and diluted our judgement can be when it comes to the quest called 'Love.' All of the contestants are just jumping to automatic conclusions, but no one is ever realistic about the situation they've put themselves in. I mean, you are openly competing for one guy against 24 snarky, catty and equally-attractive females. If this ain't the jungle, then I don't know what is! This show reminds me that maybe being single isn't all that bad. Until the day that I pull some of the crazy shit these girls are saying and doing, I shall bask in the sunshine of being my own person and letting fate just play its course. If that doesn't work, I think "The Bachelor: Season 37" may have a good ring to it (pun intended?).

*Desperate, insecure, and overly emotional does not deem 'eligible.'