Beyonce Live at Revel

So I am happy to say that I've witnessed Beyonce in concert last night at the new Revel Resorts in Atlantic City. To be blunt, the concert was amazing. Roughly two and a half full hours of dancing, live singing (sorry Britney), confetti, bright lights, sexy choreography, and the queen Bee herself. Enough said. Her setlist was extremely well-rounded as Beyonce performed hits from all of her albums, and the overall show was seamlessly perfect, energetic, and so positive. As an artist, Beyonce was the best I've ever seen in concert. She kept the show going without a glitch (well one dancer ended up losing her shoe during "Run The World", but she held her own and kept dancing like a pro), and she was able to show the audience the glamourous side of her life as well as the very intimate side of her. Her performance of "Resentment" had many an audience in tears, let's just say. As a role model, Beyonce represents something more for this generation of (somewhat lost and confused) females. She's her own boss, she understands the importance of actually keeping her private life private, she keeps her priorities set, she has actual goals and aspirations, and she's been able to balance her humble upbringing with the over-the-top life that she's acquired. I was just so inspired by her through her personality and music last night as she emanated a strong, I-don't-take-any-bullshit-from-men-and-can-still-make-my-own kind of woman. I know many people, especially guys, love to hate her, but I really don't care. Y'all are jealous! Beyonce exudes a lot of sexuality, yes, but she also exudes diligence, motivation and  influence. How many guys can say that they can even come close to having those qualities?

(Cricket, Cricket)

Exactly. Anyway, last night just reignited why I'm such a fan of Beyonce, and I'm going to use last night to refuel my fire for world domination even more. Get ready.

(Photos courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr)