4 Holiday DIYs To Try

4 Holiday DIY ProjectsNeed some DIY projects to lighten up the busy soul? I love getting crafty in my spare time; it allows me to relax my brain muscles and do something a little more lighthearted than client work and social media strategies. Last week when I was in Chicago, I came across this DIY superstore called "Hobby Lobby." I swear I could have stayed in that store for hours! We have A.C. Moore's here in Philly, but Hobby Lobby was at least three times bigger than our local craft store. Dear Hobby Lobby, if you're reading this come move to Philly! So my next passion project (this list is long, who am I kidding!) will be to learn how to use watercolors. I played with some watercolors at a Philly Blog Love event with a local illustrator Dessie Jackson (read the post here), and it was way too much fun. If only I could have some artistic talent like Dessie or Dallas Shaw! Skillshare has some cool classes for fashion illustrations that I've been eyeing...practice makes perfect right?

For all of you bloggers looking for some other DIY projects to start, here's my roundup of four holiday craft projects for your creative little souls. Enjoy and tell me how they go if you finish one! I'll keep you posted on my watercolor illustration dreams and other DIY project endeavors...

A Beautiful Mess - DIY Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights (Move over Target!)

Creme de la Craft - Broken CD Ornaments (SO COOL!)

WhimseyBox Blog - DIY Sparkly Gift Wrap (Ooo la la!)

Not Just A Mommy - DIY Ornament Drink Glass (For all you eggnog addicts. You know who you are.)