"Americans are so fake!"

So I was texting with my good friend from England yesterday. He mentioned something and being the usual American, I replied, "how fun." His response was, "all you Americans are so fake!" It made me realize that one simple text can show foreigners a great piece of American culture. We beat around the bush and never really say how we really feel. My response should have been "Yah, I don't care" to his statement because I really didn't care, but we're so used to covering up our feelings with nonsense like "lol," "cool," and "how fun." When are we going to ever be able to admit how we really feel and not get backlashed by the other end for being rude or mean or too blunt for their liking? Or when are people going to stop saying pieces of information that they know the other person isn't going to care about? They're basically setting themselves up for one of these "filler" comments. Maybe I'll start being more blunt.