And I'm off!

I'm currently sitting inside a hotel lobby waiting for my shuttle to the airport here in Doha, Qatar. I passed right out when I came here during my 12 hour layover (ugh), and I woke up completely delirious and incapable of figuring out military time. So 15:40 means I leave when...? Anyway, my spontaneous trip across the world to join my family has commenced. I don't know what it was, maybe the opportunity to breathe some familiar air or the claustrophobic feeling I may have been getting from just being in Philly. Whatever it was, I'm hoping this trip becomes a catalyst for many more trips to come. Minus the creepy dudes that stare me down (and every other woman) as they walk by, traveling makes me feel alive. I can't wait to board my last leg of the trip to Dhaka and see relatives that I haven't seen in four years. I always feel like a new person each time I go, but more so for this trip. I'm my own biz lady now, I have a banging camera that I'm ecstatic to use in Bangladesh (fingers crossed no one steals it), and I'm just a bit more mature. Okay, that last part was a lie.

I'm pretty sure I'll have internet access there (yay!), so stay tuned for more travel photos and maybe a few life lessons I learn along the way. I do know one thing - by the time I come back, I'll be a serious movie buff from the 40+ hours I've been sitting on a plane!

Well, off to catch my shuttle and hopefully make it on the plane on time (I'm still confused about that 15:40 thing and if I'm going to be late...), but stay fresh my friends. I know I probably won't from the heat of the hotttt Bengali sun.