Another Blog Bloom Success!

Blog-Bloom-34Blog-Bloom-7 Blog-Bloom-9 Blog-Bloom-32 Blog-Bloom-17I'm so happy to have hosted another great Blog Bloom workshop! This is my third workshop, and this time we had two enthusiastic fashion/lifestyle bloggers in the making attend. We helped them create their very own blog (check them out here and here), and the amazing Foo Truck was our official caterer! Overall, I'm impressed with how well this workshop went and I'm looking forward to this upcoming Saturday's class. We'll be getting some dates ready for October, so get ready! In the meantime, we'll be hosting a Banter & Beans event on September 28th at 1pm here in Philly. Let me know if you want more details about that, but they're fun little coffee and conversations with fellow bloggers and creatives around the city! I'll post more about the upcoming Banter & Beans next week. Anyway, keep on learning my world wide web friends. Also, stay tuned for a video from this workshop thanks to my lovely lovely lover, Joshua!