App of the Week - Charmin's Sit or Squat

Charmin Sit Or SquatHere's a fun new app for you all to start using - Charmin's Sit Or Squat! This free app available for download on both iPhone and Android is all about rating your experiences in public bathrooms. I know what you're thinking...TMI, right? Sit Or Squat provides you with some insight before you open those public restroom doors of mystery by letting you know which bathrooms you should "Sit" on and which ones you're better off to "Squat" on. Search for nearby restrooms that other users have rated and even view comments, photos and available amenities for more "insider" info.

I was recently asked to be Charmin’s Sit or Squat Philadelphia Editor” so I've been using the app all summer and reviewing local bathrooms all over the city. Let's just say that I'm thankful for reading other people's reviews before I myself stepped into a few locations. Here are a few of the "Sit" locations around Philadelphia:

  • Circles Thai in NoLibs
  • National Mechanics in Old City
  • Triumph Brewing in Old City
  • Jimmy John's in Center City
  • Broad Street Diner in South Philly

So you be the judge! There are a ton of "Squat" locations around Philly (I mean, are we surprised?) but make your own opinions by using the app and letting all of us know (and use the hashtag #SitorSquat)! For more information on Charmin, visit or follow them on Twitter at @Charmin.

Disclosure: The team at Charmin invited me to act as the Philadelphia City Editor for the Sit or Squat app. I have been compensated for my participating and all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own!