Apps For the Hustler

Apps For The Hustler | I love trying out new apps, especially if they help with my productivity or efficiency as a freelancer. I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps or programs right now for you to indulge your little fingers with. If you know of some other apps perfect for the "hustler," let me know in the comments below!

- For team or task management: TeuxDeuxIt's simple to use, user-friendly, relatively cheap ($24/year), and awesome for to-do list enthusiasts like myself. The mobile app is also pretty cool I hear (thanks to Ces!). We'll be starting to use this app more to manage our daily tasks and responsibilities for our Femme & Fortune team!

- For emails: AirMail for Mac. My life runs off of email. And sometimes caffeine. But email for me is super important to keep organized and neat. I've always used for my email, but I read about Airmail recently and had to try it. For only $1.99 through the App Store, I figured why not. This program is freaking awesome. The user interface is awesome (maybe a little overwhelming for email haters) and it's pretty fast when it comes to sending and receiving emails. If you have multiple accounts, it's easy to switch in and out from your emails, too. The best part of it is the fact that I can zip through my inbox with keyboard shortcuts! I'm sure other email apps have shortcuts, but I feel cooler doing it on Airmail. I'm just a big fan of AirMail right now and am hoping for a coinciding mobile app soon! I'm currently using Mailbox for my iPhone because it can combine all of my emails into one. It's faster to use than the Gmail mobile app in my opinion.

- For sharing files/documents/photos: Dropbox or Google Drive. Enough said. Create documents, spreadsheets, etc. with Google Drive and share them easily to contributors and collaborators. Sending big files or photos to clients is necessary. Use Dropbox for quick and easy uploads! The mobile app for Dropbox and Google Drive are spectacular too. You can probably tell that an equivalent mobile app is pretty important to me. Hustlers needs access to everything at their desk and on the go!

- For surveys: TypeForm. I mean this program is so awesome for creating sexy, branded surveys! It's free and I fell in love with this after seeing Nesha from Betty Red Design use it for her surveys. Good call Nesha!

- For awesome photos: VSCO and Afterlight. Hustlers need cool photos too! I use VSCO for photos that usually have decent lighting. If not, Afterlight is a bad boy of an app that provides a lot of features from a ton of filters to exposure/highlight/saturation/brightness options that can really boost any photo. It's an extra step before I upload into Instagram, but the final result is worth it. Sorry Kelvin.

- For accounting: Wave and Curdbee. Curdbee and I go back. It was one of the first apps I started using when I first became a freelancer. It's super easy and I'm able to shoot out invoices in seconds. I'm started to use Wave for another business of mine because it allows collaborators, includes accounting options, and they have a cool mobile app to save receipts on the go. Both are free, but you can always upgrade for more features. I highly recommend either of them to get your dollar bills in order!

- For reading: Feedly. I spent a good chunk of time a few weeks ago cleaning out and organizing my bookmarks and putting them into my Feedly, which is an RSS feeder for you to read your favorite blogs or sites in one place (instead of a million tabs with each site on them). I've categorized my favorite blogs into Creatives, Design, Entrpreneurs, Fashion, Fitness, Philly, Technology, and Home/DIY. When I've got some time to read, I go into my Feedly from my computer, phone, or iPad and start binging on blog posts and information. My brain will thank me later, I'm sure.


So there you have it! My favorite apps for the hustler in all of us. I'm sure there are more apps I'm missing, but these are the ones I use on a daily basis to run my self-proclaimed hectic life. Happy freezing everyone!

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