Atlantic City

I went to celebrate my good friend Yesha's 26th birthday in Atlantic City last weekend. The boy and I haven't even been on a vacation out-of-state yet (being a workaholic has its downside...), so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to go a little clubbin' and a little beachin'. We had tons of fun dancing in the crazy smoked-filled Mur Mur, and then detoxed a bit on the beach the next morning. We also hit up some outlet stores and got his and hers cleats and some other active wear (be prepared to see my thighs in yoga pants soon ha!). We had an awesome weekend and Joshua definitely was inspired to take some more vacations soon. I've been eyeing some Living Social deals on Bed & Breakfasts in some boondocks around PA, so hopefully we can book an excursion soon! Check out some memories from Atlantic City below! (P.S. I heart gifs!)