Bad Ad Placing for Taco Bell and Fox

Fox recently created a primetime mistake with their ad placement of Taco Bell's new 88% meat scheme. Delivered in between an episode of Bob's Burgers titled "Human Flesh" in which dead bodies are rumored to be linked to the beef supply of the restaurant, Taco Bell's new advertisement for their "88% Beef and 12% Signature Recipe" shows up. Thankfully the Oscars were being hosted that same night on ABC so only about three million people were witness to this horrendous mishap by Fox. I find this whole scandal as one of the funniest examples of why networks need to be cautious about their sponsored placements. There is a breakthrough here though because networks that correlate their advertising to the episodes of tv shows being watched (for example, an advertisement for eating disorders in between 90120), are more likely to catch the attention of their viewers. In this case, however, 12% corpse meat at Taco Hell was not the way to go...

Check out a Taco Bell lawsuit here:

<via BrandWeek>