Bar Napkin Brainstorm Here I Come!

Bar Napkin Brainstorm

After some random Twitter reading, I found out about this creative workshop being held in NYC on October 10th called the "Bar Napkin Brainstorm." It's a "one day meeting of the minds where freelance creatives can come to get inspired, forge new bonds with other professionals, and workshop their own ideas in a lush productive environment." How could I not resist? So I emailed the organizers of the event and I was able to get some funding assistance (yay for scholarships!) to attend. I'm soooo stoked to go and meet the creatives behind YEAH! Rentals, Shark Pig, Smilebooth and more! They're also having a one-on-one session where I'm really going to dive in and get some honest feedback about Blog Bloom and Femme & Fortune. I'm really thinking about looking into NYC events and workshops more often now because as a freelancer I a) have the time and b) it's only 2 hours away for some serious creative recharging. I'll keep you all posted about the workshop, and if you can attend, please do so I can Megabus it up with someone heehee.