#BloggerSpotlight - Angel of Studio 404

Dinner with Angel I'm starting a new feature here on MelissaAlam.com where I interview fellow bloggers. The only catch is that they have to answer in 140 characters or less. First up is Angel from Studio-404.com. We met through the blogosphere and I had the awesome, awesome opportunity to have dinner with her this past weekend during my visit to Orlando (see above). Holla holla to connections all over the world thanks to blogging!

It's only fitting to feature Angel as my first #BloggerSpotlight! Her blog is full of amazing design/freelancing tips as well as great printables that she designs herself. Studio 404 is definitely one blog to bookmark and follow. Keep reading for more info on Angel!


1. Name, Age, City: Angel Yarde, 23, Celebration, Florida

2. Bio: After living in Atlanta, I relocated to central Florida to marry my husband and run our branding agency together. Blogger of 7 years!

3. Current guilty pleasure: I don't know if I have one! I've been watching a lot of Bollywood movies lately but I certainly don't feel guilty about it. :)

4. What's on your Xmas wish list? An international trip! I'm not sure where yet but I have to start traveling out of the country.

5. If you weren't a blogger/designer/developer, what would your "second" dream job be? I just blogged about this but I'd probably be a fitness instructor. I love being in the gym.

6. If you could recommend one book to read, what would it be and why? Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill. It was just a very powerful book and I love historical fiction.

7. Favorite social media network? Twitter for sure. I can be snappy in 140 characters and I get to chat with other bloggers/designers throughout my work day.

8. What do you do to relax from work? Yoga and traveling. Yoga is a great short temporarily release but when I've had enough, I need to leave the city.


Thank you to Angel for being my first #BloggerSpotlight here on my blog. Make sure to follow Angel and her awesome creative work through her Blog and Twitter too!