Blogging Break

Blogging Break I have too many good problems. New ideas, new partnerships, new projects, new clients...just so many new things that are happening! I can't complain because this is the life I wanted for myself, but I can prioritize some things. Such as this blog. I have a few good ideas for upcoming blog posts (anyone else have the best ideas in the shower?!), so stay tuned as I try and flesh them out for you all. In the meantime, I'm flooded with clients (yay!) and I'm moving into a larger apartment across the street from me all week. It's going to be a lot of painting, cleaning, organizing, and decorating. My goal is to make this apartment interview-friendly for when Forbes or Design Sponge or The Everygirl wants to come and take photos of me in my workspace...ha! A girl can dream right! Along with that, my allergies have taken a turn for the worse. I probably have so much snot on my keyboard right now, and I'm headed to a take portraits for a client. Are nose plugs acceptable in public?

So mind my blogging break or hiatus or whatever you want to call it. Be back soon, and it'll be better than ever, mes amies.

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