Brief Hiatus

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So I figured I need to write a quick update on what's been going on with my life since I haven't posted in awhile. Well, I'VE BEEN SO BUSY. As a freelancer and aspiring entrepreneur, it's all about the hustle. Nonstop networking, education, deadlines, client meetings...and repeat. Well, I've been taking on a lot of new endeavors so I've been all over the place recently. Here's some of the new things that I've been up to:

NSC | Ring The Alam

I've also started to volunteer for TechGirlz, a local organization with the mission to empower girls to be future technology leaders. Middle Schoolers learning HTML? Um, where was this when I was growing up!?

Sedso Design | Ring The Alam

I've just hopped on board to help manage a few accounts with this great Digital Branding and Social Media Marketing Agency!

And on top of that, I've been busy keeping up with my own freelance business (gotta still pay rent!) and working with my favorite sports organization, Philadelphia Sports Network! I'm officially becoming a full-time (!) freelancer and starting to set a schedule for each responsibility (aka I get to fully utilize my awesome planner from Target). On top of that, I plan on bringing an intern to help me out with a few things, rent out a studio workspace with my fantastic friend Chaucee, and host an amazing workshop on Blogging 101! It's gonna be a rough journey, but they never said it was easy to be great. Let's keep the hustle going and rock on friends.