Brooklyn, Baby

I FINALLY WENT TO BROOKLYN!! LOUD NOISES!!! So I've always been one to admire the Brooklyn mindset. As a wannabe hipster (or full hipster to some), Brooklyn is the holy land for some laid back, old fashioned fun. I made it up to the <insert area code for Brooklyn that I am too lazy to look up> for a recent weekend to meet some (new and) old friends of mine, and had a blast. On Sunday Morning, I ended up at an event in the Lower East Side (actually the original reason why I went up in the first place), and saw some signs for the Williamsburg Bridge afterwards. Naturally, I had to find it and walk over. I probably walked about 7+ miles that day from LES to DUMBO and then around Williamsburg to various shops. Living in Philly, I'm super lazy and drive everywhere so it's refreshing to just depend on my two wittle feet to get from Place A to Place Wherever.