Brown Girl Power

I was recently interviewed by some fabulous South Asian ladies for and What an honor! I've always wanted to shine more light on the South Asian scene and really set an example of what hard work can accomplish, especially for a first generation Bengali woman like myself. I really hope people read this and feel inspired to go beyond stereotypes and start his/her dream career. South Asian parents are all about "suggestions" such as "be a doctor" and "we have a few eligible men for you to meet." I was taught independence from an early age, so it was only natural for me to go my own way when it came to the typical "brown" path.

I remember one time when my mom tried to hook me up with her friend's younger brother who was "getting his PhD from Villanova and such a nice boy." I flipped out. There was no way in hell that I was going to get into some arranged marriage with some "nice boy" and live some typical life. My mom backed down since then (thank god), and I think both of my parents have come to realize they created a creative monster (muwahaha). It's okay to take risks and go against the tide.