I want to start off with this post by saying thank you for being the douchebag that you are, because you’ve made me a stronger person. I just stood up for myself today. I told him that it wasn’t working out and that after spending an amazing weekend with him, it all felt falsely advertised. He pleaded the fifth. Why do we make compromises with ourselves, in hopes of “fixing” or “creating” a situation that will never exist? I’ve learned that if certain traits aren’t there from the beginning in someone, then the chances of them showing up (even on your best behavior!) will never happen. We, as women, want someone of the opposite sex to appreciate us, to make an effort with us, to just act like you want to be with us. But what we want most is a balance of emotions and feelings. If I see myself sliding into the “Way Too Much Effort For Worth” portion of the scale, I take a step back and reevaluate what exactly I’m receiving for the infinite amount of hopeless effort I seem to be putting in. When you feel that the dynamic of what you once had is now lost and slowly becoming more robotic and less personal, it’s time to let go. I don’t want to say all the money, gas and time I spent on him was a waste…but more of an “experience” as my close friends remind me. View everything as a lesson learned, not regret, because if we never go through them or take the leap, we’ll never know what else there is out there in the world. We’ll never know our limits if we don’t test them. We’ll never build a tough outer shell if we don’t play with our emotional state of being at least a few times in life. So, on that note, I just want to start off by saying, thank you for being a douchebag.