What is an ideal relationship with a partner? Defined roles regarding masculinity and femininity? Comprising for less than you deserve in order to have that trophy on your arm? Where is the balance of judging your past relationships as just experiences or memories and not as catalysts for your next failure. So many people go into relationships (or even first encounters) believing the worst in people. Believing that the hurt they may have felt somewhere down that not-so-yellow brick road will come back and haunt them. History repeats itself, right? When is it safe to let go of the past and move on with the future you hope to have? How much does one have to compromise in order to be fully happy? Past partners may have treated you well, but that psychotic devil on one shoulder torments you saying to "Leave this because you'll find someone better," whereas that truthful angel on the other shoulder reminds you that "You may not find anyone better than what you have now." When it comes down to it, soul mates are not necessarily someone you end up marrying. They can be people that change your life for the better (or worse); people that make an impact on your life enough for you to realize who you are just a little bit more. Realize your strengths, weaknesses, fears, obsessions, joys and laughs. Finding that person to spend the rest of your life with means finding someone that you can tolerate. Someone whose positive traits complements yours, and whose negative traits can be accepted and endured by you (without the investment in a chainsaw).

So through it all, take the good with the bad, the bad with the good, and realize that you make your own decisions and mistakes. Have no regrets, but have a ton of memories. And remember, the relationship you need to perfect first is the one with yourself...everything and everyone else is just a compromise away.