Content Is Queen

brickIf you're in the digital industry, the term "content is king" is extremely common. It's a phrase that basically means that unique content should always be the answer to your questions in regards to blogging. Content is what makes the web go 'round, so make it unique and make it worthwhile for your followers, fans and customers. In terms of my own blog, I've been using Ring The Alam for the past few years as a subtle testing ground for my design work, coding practices and other random digital mood swings I go through. I have this chat all the time with my fellow blogger friends about how being satisfied with your content or design is a constant battle. So yeah, maybe I'm picky or maybe I'm just not picky enough. Regardless what it is, the truth has always been that I want this blog to shine and this blog to really represent me and my life. With other projects going on and so many other websites that I maintain on a daily basis, Ring The Alam is my home and my original baby; the first child of sorts. So I want you to bear with me as I figure out my writing style, my design aesthetic, and my overall blog look and feel. I want to provide awesome, fun and worthwhile content, and a few outside opinions may just be the cure to my blogging woes.

So I'm going to ask you all three easy questions, and I'd love for you loyal friends and followers help me out with them! Here they go:

1. What types of posts would you like to read about on Ring The Alam?

  • a. More freelance/entrepreneurship/design/tech stories and tips
  • b. More fashion posts, maybe even some outfit posts here and there
  • c. More Philadelphia posts about events, places and people
  • d. More photography of my daily adventures
  • e. Other ___________________

2. Is there a specific series you think would be great on Ring The Alam? (i.e. a Philadelphia Tour Guide series, a color/moodboard series, a client spotlight series, blogger interview series, etc. etc.)

3. Is there something you like the most about Ring The Alam? What makes you come back to the site, if anything?


Please feel free to answer these in the comment section below so I can start blog-itating (meditating about blogging, duh) this weekend. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!