Create A Support System

Create-A-Support-System I've always been the type of girl that loves being independent. I still am, but to some extent of course. It must be the "Leo" in me, but I've always preferred working on my own, taking on leadership roles right away, and volunteering for tasks and projects that were way over my head. I've recently come to realize that that kind of mentality can take its toll on one's health, well-being, productivity, etc.

In college, I joined a tiny South Asian-based sorority because I wanted to be involved in something where I could make a change. Fast forward six years later, and I've found myself involved again with the sorority on a very active level. I'm using my skills and experience with growing brands to help organize and grow my national sorority's brand. I've also been hanging out with a lot of my local sorority sisters who are still in college, and I've come to notice how important it is to create a support system around you. For me, that support system comes in the form of sorority sisters that now feel like actual sisters to me. We can spend hours talking about everything under the sun, and it feels completely natural. I talk to them about my problems or issues, and vice versa. It's great to realize that the situations and experiences we all go through as women have no age discrimination or boundaries. We may be all at different stages in our lives, but our general emotions (stress, love, conflict) are all still there.

So my advice for you all today is to create a support system where you feel comfortable to be open, share your thoughts, and just be honest with the others around you. It makes going through life that much easier, especially when little bumps in the road can deter you or bring you down. Whether it be a community of fellow bloggers or a local group of friends in your neighborhood, a support system is so beneficial to your work/life balance (hey, grabbing mimosas and brunch is very therapeutic!) and your overall growth as a woman. One key factor in having this support system is to speak up. Be open and share your thoughts without restrictions. You'll find magic once you're able to really share what's on your mind and be greeted by a group of friends that support you regardless of your decision.

So tell me, do you have a support system? If so, how'd you find your group and what are some tips for maintaining an awesome support system?

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