Creative Juices

My creative juices are flowing again. It really does clear my mind when I can make something creative and new and fresh and unique. I get in these creative moods where something inspires me (lets call it a muse moment) and I must sit down on photoshop or my blog or whatever creative drug of choice...and I work. I do as much as I can until I lose my creative edge or muse moment. It's kind of like a high I get by the fascination of pushing myself to a limit and creating something that I can call my own. Something I can be proud of. And because of that, no one effs with me and my muse moments. On a random note. I'm going to be making a list of top moments/memories of college. I'll prolly make another tab for it up top. I'm still looking for a group of people to play tag with in Fresh Grocer. Who's down?