Cute Stuff

I took some random photos the other day while at Dos Segundos for dinner, and Josh was my victim as usual. He loves it though because he's so damn photogenic and he knows it (ggrrr). If you're ever wondering how I fuel all of my sites, passions and businesses, it's because of this guy above. He was with me those late many nights in my bedroom or studio as we looked up potential business names and ideas using a thesaurus and Google. He helped me really finalize Femme & Fortune and Blog Bloom, and he's remained consistently supportive and enthusiastic about all of these projects of mine. I really did get lucky with Joshua because of his support, love and constant encouragement. I mean, the fact that he can stand me and my short temper, mood swings, and entrepreneurial woes is all I need in this life. So if you're reading this Josh, thanks for being there. You're my fave!