A Day In Doha

If you can't tell already, I had an amazing time during my layover in Doha! I made a new friend - a current grad student studying in Paris named Melissa(!) - and I got to experience a new city on my own schedule. I'll post some pics of my actual travel to Bangladesh later, but the culture over in the Motherland is restricting for women. The weather there was extremely hot, humid or rainy, and I was stuck indoors mostly with my relatives. The two weeks there were great in the sense that I was able to reconnect with my family. Being the only family in America from both sides of my parent's families, it's hard to remember that I have blood relatives across the country that care about me. I also experienced a wedding (pics to come) of my first cousin who I grew up playing with back when I would visit during my teenage summers. Now that she's married off, everyone is looking to me to make the move. My answer - career first, then maybe I'll look into signing some papers.