Wondering What To Drink and Listen To? Insert Drinkify and This Is My Jam!

I just found this fun app called Drinkify, which "automatically generates the perfect cocktail recipe to accompany any music." Just type in any artist, and the app will suggest a random drink while also playing that artist in the background (thanks to a Last.fm API). Simple and groovy.

If you like Drinkify, also check out "This Is My Jam" by the same creators. It's a site that "is for sharing one song at a time. Pick the one that means the most to you right now and discover which songs truly matter to your friends." Not a lot of people have hopped onto this social/music site, but it's definitely interesting to browse around random's people pages and see what their jam o' the moment is. You can start following people and (if you trust their musical taste enough) start listening to music picked up by these complete strangers. The best part - all of the jams from your friends can turn into playlists on Spotify. Yup, I'm ecstatic. Yet again, simple and acoustically groovy. :)