Everyone Could Use Some Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake and I go back. Well, if you consider that one of the lead rappers is dating a best friend of mine and the other shares the same last name as me (yes, I've been telling people that he's my brother to confuse everyone and no, I haven't made new friends because of it), then yes, we go waaayyy back. They've been doing some great things in the creative and musical fields, and I wanted some of you readers to check them out! Here's a little synopsis of the group followed by a Q&A I conducted with them a few months back! Enjoy y'all. :)

About Birthday Cake:

"Birthday Cake is not a group of street poets. They don’t fight for a cause and aren’t here to preach. When you hear Birthday Cake you feel relaxed, playful, lively, happy, delighted, uplifted, connected, inspired, enticed, funky, and warm all at the same time.

Birthday Cake is made up of two special ingredients: whimsically gifted producer, Blue Magic, and brilliantly contemplative rapper, Shakezilla. Blue Magic’s beats are infectious and alluring. Shakezilla’s quiet lyrical prowess and versatility astounds all that hear him. Birthday Cake is self-made and everything is done in-house from production, recording, videos, and photography at Cake Laboratories in Long Island, NY.

Birthday Cake originates from the greatest city in the world, New York. Shakezilla hails from Long Island and Blue Magic was born and raised in Astoria, Queens.

Make a wish, blow out the candles."

Become A Groupie & Meet Birthday Cake

Melissa: Where does the name Birthday Cake come from? And explain how you all got the acronym BDCSASDLOL.

Birthday Cake: The name Birthday Cake originated from the depths of Shakezilla's imagination after our second session.  Our "tag", BDCSASDLOL is what we do business as- and it has sort of become an obnoxious way to "lol" in people's faces.   

Melissa: Who's in Birthday Cake and what are all of your roles? How did you all begin your group?

Birthday Cake: Our sound-scape is created by composer, Blue Magic, the lyrics and concepts are brought to life by Shakezilla, and the visuals are designed by Bash.  Blue and Shake started the group as a five-piece band and has evolved into a collaborative movement which extends much further than music surrounding it today. It all began with some primordial soup.  

Melissa: Who are your top 3 musical influences?

Birthday Cake: Soulja Boy, Wacka Flocka Flame, and Gucci Mane... BDCSASDLOL! 

Melissa: What are each of your favorite Birthday cake songs and why?

Shakezilla: One of my favorite songs is "Hey (Chopin II)" Once Blue Magic gave me the beat I wrote the entire thing down in one sitting and the recorded it within a few hours. It all happened very quickly and everything felt very genuine.

Blue Magic: My favorite song is "Nowhere." This song was overlooked by everybody as one of those "filler" type of songs- definitely not. Musically it is beyond our time and if you asked me to play it today, I wouldn't be able to, I was in a different place when I made that.  

Bash: My favorite song is "They Coming." The overall tone and feel of the song sets it apart from most Birthday Cake songs. Even though the chorus is generally simple, it is my favorite part of the song.  

Melissa: Where can people find out more about you and your music? 

Birthday Cake: All of our goodies can be found at BDCSASDLOL.com. You can also connect with us via social media on our Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube page.

Melissa: What are the future plans for BDCSASDLOL, and what's next for you all?

Birthday Cake: Making more music, dropping more videos, buying a plane, maybe trying bath salts, and then trying to take over the world with the BDCSASDLOL familia.

Check out the music of Birthday Cake and let me know what you all think!