My Favorite Feedback

Client Feedback | MelissaAlam.comToday I’m answering the question “What is the best thing that you routinely hear from clients, customers, or readers?” as part of One Woman Shop’s My Favorite Feedback series. So if you're a female business owner or up-and-coming entrepreneur, check out One Woman Shop and Operation Entrepreneur. They're full of great resources and a growing community of real people like you and me. Anyway, I try to find time out of my schedule to be involved in communities like these. So today, I'll be talking about feedback from clients.

So we all love good client feedback. "Oh this is exactly what I wanted!" "You hit the nail right on the mark with this. Great job!" "I'm excited to begin, thanks so much for helping me out." Et cetera. I've heard it all throughout my first year of freelancing. I do love it when clients of mine are genuinely satisfied with the outcome they receive whether it be through a website, photography, graphic design, or consulting session. BUT the trick about client feedback is to appreciate the negative feedback. This allows you as a freelancer to keep your competitive edge and stay motivated to learn more!

When I hear negative feedback, I take it in and think to myself, "okay their opinion is valid so how/why did I f*ck up here?" Sorry for the profanity blog, but thought I'd be honest here. I see negative feedback as a crutch AND an opportunity to better myself and learn from my mistake. Turn that weakness of your process, skill level, experience, etc. into a strength of yours so that in a year, that same client begs to work with you again. I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I actually like being considered the underdog in situations. Being the underdog means that I may end up wowing people and exceeding their expectations (which I usually do!). If you're starting out as a freelancer, try not to take all of the positive comments to your head (hello, EGO!) and try to accept and professionally deal with negative comments that may come your way. Put on a smile, say that you appreciate the honest comments, and go back to your workspace knowing that you have more to grow and learn!

So trusted blog readers, how do you feel about negative feedback? And what was the worst thing you've ever heard from a client? (Okay okay, I'm nosy!)

Also, yup that's my real desk! Got the typical MacBook Pro, calculator, printed duck tape (aka blogger tape ha), scissors, my iPad mini and trusted notebook hanging out. Good times...good times.