Femme & Fortune Rebrand

I'm addicted to rebranding. Something about scrolling through Pinterest and getting those pings of inspiration each time. For me, the vision of Femme & Fortune was always a work in progress. I started the site with my good friend with the hopes of becoming a popular online magazine for women. It went through slow stages of neglect and fast stages of progress. One of the many reasons I wanted to start The Hive was so that I could have a headquarters and official presence for Femme & Fortune. I even contemplated naming this space "Femme & Fortune" just because it matched the mission and goals of the space - a creative community space for women to excel in their career. I went back and forth with the brand, and decided to name this space The Hive to differentiate it a bit. Thinking about it now, I'm wondering if I should have kept it under one name...oh well!