Girls & Font

I love me some good typography. That's why I enjoyed reading this article by Imprint from June about one of my favorite summer shows on HBO, Girls. Here's a snippet from the article:

Each episode opens with a static shot of the show’s title filling the screen, in place of a more complex sequence. No animation, no video—just text on a solid background. The colors change from week to week; Nourmand calls this “a playful touch,” but it also creates a palette that builds in sophistication with the series. The stripped-down simplicity perfectly matches Dunham’s vision. There are no tutus or glamour shots of the Chrysler Building, just a direct and elegant typeface inviting us in.

It was really interesting to see the process of creating these different fonts and styles by the agency behind the custom "Girls" typeface. Can't wait to get my hands dirty and learn more about typography in the coming months!