poster650px_blue The blogging community is pretty awesome. It brings together minds and personalities, regardless of distance. One such mind and personality is Trina of the fabulous blog of trees and hues. She recently turned 29 (whoohoo girl!) and decided to host a little giveaway for all of the amazing readers and fellow bloggers out there. She asked me and about 40 other fellow bloggers, photographers, designers, and shop owners to co-host this giveaway, worth over $650! If there's a Noble Peace Prize for bloggers, Trina should get it! Anyway, go ahead and enter this awesome giveaway for your chance to win a Canon T3I! I started off my photography career with a T2I and it's a great piece of equipment for the beginning DSLR user. This giveaway is open to international users as well, so go ahead and enter everyone!

Bon chance and happy birthday Trina! 

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