Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sitting here and thinking about what I'm thankful for, I've come up with the following list:

I am thankful for... -My Dad. He's always been there for me since I was little and has always been able to bring a smile to my face. He's goofy, smart and my best friend. He's always supported any of my decisions and thanks to him, I've been allowed much more freedom than I should have had. Thanks dad! -My Mom. She wears the pants in the marriage most of the days, but trying to make her proud has always been a goal of mine. I'm grateful to have that mindset to always strive for better, and it's mostly because of seeing her struggle and rise as a woman in the many foreign countries she's lived in. She's taught me to be strong, relentless and to make the most of what you have. -My brothers and baby niece in Chicago. We've all had our fights with siblings, but my brothers and I are at the stage of life where we're mature and able to have mature relationships with each other (ok, we do still fight here and there, but hey, nobody's perfect!). I'm thankful to have my baby niece, aka my mini-me and my little meatball, in my life. She's grown up so much (which kinda saddens me because I'm missing out on so much in her life living in Philly) but has always remained the cutest little pumpkin I'll ever know. She's such a great little friend, and I love the fact that I now have someone looking up to me. That pressure to be great just got a little stronger after she was born because I want to be the role model and aunt that she can be proud of. -My job. I am so grateful to have an amazing job with fun and creative people surrounding me. I feel the potential to grow, to learn and to make a name out of myself at my current company- something most people can't say about their 9-5's. I'm grateful that my bosses saw that potential in me during my interviews when every other company barely gave me a second glance (or call back hmph!). -My sense of spontaneity. I used to be more closed-off and shy in terms of meeting people. After coming to college, I lost that sense of social inhibition and became someone that made quick judgments, didn't care what others thought and believed in no regrets. I'm still that person and I'm thankful for my sense to grow up and try new things. I've met some amazing people, visited some great cities and done some ridiculous things all because I pride spontaneity and freedom over everything. -My awkwardness. Let's face it, I'm awkward. It probably stems from not knowing what people will think of my humor, statements or point of view, so I use my awkwardness as a means of protection. I'm thankful for having my awkwardness because it makes me unique. I'm not the type of person to be overly confident, so my awkwardness is my ability to be humble and just be me. I like entertaining people and bringing a smile to people's faces, and so far, my awkwardness has been humor gold for those around me. -My electronics, clothes, shoes, etc. I know, very materialistic of me. But I'm thankful for having the opportunity to spoil myself, something I only dreamed of when I was younger. I grew up in a very modest household (think coupons and clearance sections only), but my mom taught me from a very young age that if I wanted something, I'd have to work for it on my own and not ask anyone for money. "You never want to owe people money, so only buy what you can afford," she would say. Great advice, because I have been pretty financially independent since high school. Other than your typical student loans, I've been paying my own rent, bills and expenses for years now. It's made me less reliable on my parents and more honest with my ability to afford things I want- like my electronics, clothes and shoes. My mom's advice also pushed me to work hard for my money- I can't remember the last time when I only had "one" job and one job only. I like to work hard and dip my fingers in a million little projects, but I also like to play harder. And therefore, I'm grateful for my possessions because it shows me that all my hard work is paying off and I'm slowly becoming the financially-independent woman that I've always admired. -My friends. I'm thankful for my friends and having the support system that I need. I moved around a few times growing up, so the ability to adapt to new situations and move on from the past has been second nature to me. I'm now in a more stable time of my life where I don't have to pick up and move with my parents to some city, so I'm thankful for having a key group of friends that I've known for more than a few years. Key traits that I need in my friends: loyalty, sense of spontaneity and trust. I've lost a few friends here and there because of typical falling outs, but I'm happy to have found current friends that believe in me and look up to me at times. Thanks guys! -My blog. Yup, you heard me right! I'm thankful for this blog because it's allowed me to open up about issues I feel strongly about and allow me to portray my creativity in a public way. My blog was created so that I could feel more confident about my writing and to show people things that I find funny or amusing from the internet. 16,000+ hits later and I finally received a pagerank of 1 on my blog (inner leap of joy!). I'm thankful for having my blog be the physical production of my mind and allowing me to write long ass posts like this one.

And on that note, gobble gobble everyone and start being thankful for everything and everyone around you!