Hello April!

So I have decided to be more proactive in my life. Those that know me already know that I overexert myself with responsibility and work. For some off reason, I love the stress of having a set schedule and back-to-back duties. But I recently cut back on a phew of these mind-numbing responsibilities and have decided to live a little more freely this spring. Justified by the idea of 2012 nearing to destroy us all, I think giving myself a break to enjoy the finer things in life once in a while is always needed. So I have decided to revamp my life and dedicate myself to the pursuit of happiness and knowledge. The following list is made up of things I want to accomplish by, let’s say….September 1st (I’ll give myself the Spring and Summer to achieve them). Here we go!

1) Read at least 2 books a month. I used to read a lot. Diving into the mysteries of my mind is what caused myself to have such an active imagination as an adult. But now I see myself losing vocabulary and losing some of the creative aspects inside my mind. I want to start reading again and rebuild that sense of fantasy (since my reality is a little too bland these days).

2) Spend less money, get more experience. Now that my income won't be as abundant from my extra jobs, I have to utilize my money better. That means visit free events, museums, art galleries around Philadelphia and, in return, take in more culture for my mind. I’m great at finding events and deals around the city, so if you’re interested to join me, let me know!

3) Pick up a new talent. I need to start indulging in my potential more. I’ve already signed up for Krav Maga and Pole Dancing classes…what’s next? I also need to follow through with these classes and not get distracted by happy hours, sleeping or shopping! Maybe I’ll do a kick boxing class, or join a soccer league for the spring to get back in shape. Hhhmmm….

4) Spend more time with friends that matter in my life. I need to develop stronger relationships with people in my life that will be there for me and will help me out as much as I’m willing to help them out. I’m tired of investing in friendships/relationship and getting nothing out of them except debt, wasted time or an STD…(just kidding on the last one).

5) Blog more! This spring will be all about the creative upgrades in my life! I want to learn more Photoshop, update my blog more consistently and create a stronger presence on the web!

6) Volunteer my time. I recently got in touch with a bunch of local, South Asian organizations and services and realized that I would love to represent my culture and heritage with these women! One organization in South Jersey actually said they were very short staffed, which got me thinking about how I wanted to help them out! I want to give back to my community and be an advocate for South Asian females, our rights and our progress in America. I plan on looking up some of the local orgs and finding out how I can help!

I really hope I can make these 6 changes in my life this Spring/Summer. Wish me luck everyone!