How To Find The Original Source For Your Images

How To Find The Original Source For Your ImagesThe beauty of the internet means that we have access to billions of beautiful photos to use for our blog posts. The downside to this means that most times, images are cited incorrectly. Pinterest is not a source, as much as we want to believe so. It may take some extra effort, but finding the original source of any images you use can be a relief. You and your blog may be liable to get sued for copyright infringement if you don't give the original source credit. Oh the risks of blogging! Keep reading for how to get accurate image sources in three easy steps! TinEye - How to find the original source for your imageStep 1: Hello! Either bookmark this site right now or download the TinEye Chrome Extension for when you want to go Sherlock on your images. The extension allows you to simply right click on any image on the internet and "Search Image on TinEye."

Step 2: From the site, you can either upload/drag an image directly or paste the URL image into the search box. TinEye then does all the work for you and presents you with a list of other sites using the image.

Step 3: Now use your smarts! If a bunch of links show up, go through the best matches and see if you can find an original source or another blogger who's also used the photo. Dig around the results a bit and you'll be sure to find the truth behind your pretty Pinterest picture!

Let me know if you have any questions about this topic! Now, I'll be going back into my posts to find some actual sources...

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