I'm Opening A Business

(Fingers Crossed) I'm such a neglectful blogger. Maybe because my friends have become my "blog" each night as I open up to them and tell them all about the crazy ideas I have in my head (see this).

One such idea occurred the weekend of my 26th birthday (August 1st, yes I'm a Leo), and I've been busy dreaming, brainstorming, more dreaming, and planning. A space opened up in an awesome part of the city and I jumped on it. I told my landlord right away that I wanted to move out of my current apartment, and he ended up finding a replacement the next day and I don't have to pay a fine. Yes, my landlord is awesome (but how could someone not want an apartment formerly owned by a blogger and Pinterest enthusiast?). I'll now be packing up and moving back home with my parents in the suburbs by the end of this month. It totally sucks and I've been trying not to do it, but sometimes you need to sacrifice something in order to achieve something greater. My dad's response was "Yes, the prodigal daughter will return."