The Inaugural #LadyBossSleepover

It's almost the end of November. Damn. I'm heading out to Paris this Wednesday (!!!), so I'm spending all day at The Hive to try and catch up with life, business, et cetera et cetera. I have all these ideas for blog posts that I should be sharing on this Malam headquarters here, so maybe I can do that on the plane ride to the city of l'amour. Or I'll just sleep the whole time to catch up on some much needed zzz's. We'll see.  In other news, last Wednesday was extremely special. We held our first ever lady boss sleepover at the oh-so beautiful Hotel Monaco here in Old City. The decor and design of this hotel was inspired by "the couple who travels around the world." Bright colors, worldly pieces and knick knacks, and the most luxurious couches and chairs you'll ever sit in. If Jonathan Adler had a baby with the country of Morocco and an affair with an 18th Century Duke of England, Hotel Monaco would be the love child (in my opinion). Seriously a gem here in Philly.   So what is this lady boss sleepover you ask? It's where me, Sara Kelly and Antoinette Johnson come together for a night of turning dreams into realities, of adapting stress into solution, and of creating magic from the constant ideas that act like the Tasmanian Devil inside our minds. I met both of these ladies a year ago, and a year later we're developing partnerships and strategic ideas that epitomize ambition. No dream is big enough, and I thank these two ladies for making me realize that.   BossLadySleepover-5   BossLadySleepover-10   BossLadySleepover-19   BossLadySleepover-2   BossLadySleepover-7   BossLadySleepover-12   BossLadySleepover-16   BossLadySleepover-6   BossLadySleepover-30   BossLadySleepover-13   BossLadySleepover-37   BossLadySleepover-21   BossLadySleepover-8   BossLadySleepover-29   BossLadySleepover-27   BossLadySleepover-51   BossLadySleepover-24