It's Time For Some Growth

There comes a time when being a solopreneur can get really hectic. It's not a bad sign, but a good sign symbolizing that you must be doing something right. For me, I'm blessed to have built a strong foundation within the past year and a half as a freelance digital consultant. From making websites to consulting clients to social media strategies to photoshoots, I've taught myself profitable skills and created a lifestyle that I've always dreamed of having. It's time for me to continue this upward spiral I call life and ask for some help. I'm currently looking to hire a part-time assistant to help me with the following list of tasks: client research, social media maintenance, managing emails and correspondences, assisting on photoshoots, helping with design and photo editing, event planning, running errands, etc. This is my first time hiring an assistant, and I know it'll be a bold move on my part. Fears of not being able to afford it, whether or not I really need it, and the thought of training someone all come to mind. But after chatting with some mentors, I realized that hiring an assistant could really benefit my workload and the lifestyle I envision for the next few months. By having someone around to assist me with emails and client management, I'll actually have time to do the client work I'm being paid to do! It'll also open up more time for me to look into longer-term growth and personal branding opportunities such as hosting more workshops, writing more blog posts and guest posts, planning FemmeCon, etc. Cause and effect, people. I feel like I spend most of my days running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Add onto that a growing list of clients (and I mean growing woohoo!), and hiring an assistant seems only natural to do right now. It's time to re-focus my energies and really push my business forward.

Now this isn't only just a "me me me" thing. I plan on definitely training whoever I hire with the way I do things around the headquarters. Hopefully they'll learn a bit more about running a business, client management, and increase their skillset with photography, digital marketing, and Wordpress. I love teaching (see here), so I don't have a problem with showing the ropes to my assistant. As long as he/she is dedicated, open to learning, and organized, then I'll be happy!

Anyway, enough of this long post! I'm currently interviewing candidates in the Philly area, so if you're interested or want more details, please email me at hello(at) I look forward to meeting anyone who's somewhat intrigued in the position!