J.Cole's Work Out Video & A Minor Rant About Feminism.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PN78PS_QsM&feature=player_embedded#at=230] Ok, so I'm a huge fan of J.Cole. However, how many more interpretations of "music video women" do I have to see to prove the fact that men are shallow. This video is a prime example of this point. 3 women start off walking near a basketball court wearing strategically-placed clothing and over-the-top accessories- all to catch the eye of the protagonist, the hero, the artist currently known as J.Cole. Would he have even stopped playing ball had he seen three females fully-covered from head to toe, carrying books instead of representing the Forever 21/MAC addicts they seem to be? Since when did education and a personality become so unattractive? Oh yah, must have been when Eve took the bite out of that fateful apple. Or when Pandora opened that silly box. I mean, women have always been second place, historically, but isn't it time that we rise above those stereotypical shadows of representation and actually start representing us? Not the "us" that we think men will want. The "us" that will have fools like J.Cole rap about one night stands and being a hit and run as we casually sun bathe our plasticized breasts and starving body. I'm talking about the "Us" that an average child or teenager can relate to. As we grow up, our actions and morals are defined by the environment we come from or surround ourselves with. Society is making our younger generations view these 'video vixens' as idols; sex and hormones are running rampant as 12-year-olds become more and more promiscuous each year. I mean, honestly, the girls in this video look dumb as rocks as they prance around. Looks fade, personalities don't. For the future of all women, please educate yourself and start realizing the true value of your body, soul and wit. Let your personality shine, not your easily-convinced appetites for a hint of affection. Men also have the power of change, but why wait for them to appreciate us as real women, when we can start appreciating ourselves first? We can have the career, the money, the power, the intelligence, the humor, the confidence, the strength, the courage, the education. We can have it all, but as long as we view our biggest obstacle in life as getting a man to love us for the wrong reasons, then we'll never achieve any true leverage in life. Don't be a Pandora is all I'm saying. Thanks.