Kaly: "The Flight" (Takes off August 16th, 2011)

Save the date: August 16th! For those of you who love hearing all about the up-and-coming artists before they become mainstream, check out my favorite new rapper, Kaly! With raw, yet intelligent, lyrics of past experiences and the world we live in, Kaly exposes another side of himself into his music. His upcoming album, "The Flight, stands as a testament to Kaly’s struggle to overcome negativity and his dedication to being a voice for all those who dare to go after their dreams."

Inspirational isn't it? Not only does he have the talent to overcome the stereotypes he's previously faced and prove himself to the world through his first album debut, he's also a self-proclaimed "rebellious nice guy." With one of the sweetest and most unselfish personalities I've ever come by, Kaly has a rareness to him. His drive, his motivation and his music all come together effortlessly in a complete package. Musicians with souls and attitudes like Kaly are rare to come by, so check him out asap and get hooked in just like I have! For more information on his upcoming album and the artist currently known as Kaly, visit http://www.niceashell.com and http://www.kalymusic.com. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter @Kalysay!

Check out his first single: "Politics Pt. 2" below! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-Kue39PQSs&feature=channel_video_title]