Liebster Award


Shoutout to Emily of for nominating me for this viral blog award! It's a fun little award going around to learn more about fellow bloggers, and I'm here to join in too! Read about me below...if you dare!!!

Liebster Award |

1. I'm starting a new job tomorrow! I'll be a #SocialMediaSpecialist at an awesome ad agency here in Philly!

2. I love Lysol wipes. If I see Lysol wipes anywhere, I'll automatically start cleaning something.

3. I have two older brothers, a sister-in-law and adorable baby niece that live in Chicago. You can find me in the Windy City twice a year visiting them!

4. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade that my mom would kill me over if she found out! It's the word "love" in Sanskrit.

5. I love being a tech geek. I try to teach myself something new in Photoshop, Lightroom or with coding whenever I can!

6. I'm obsessed with Jessica Alba. Ever since I was younger, she's always been a role model for me! I'll be buying her latest book, The Honest Life, after I get my next paycheck. :)

7. I will always say yes to going to a flea market or thrift store. If you ever need a bargain hunter, call me! :)

8. I'm currently starting a new online magazine/blog for women with a fellow Philly blogger and friend of mine. Check her out over at Java Aficionado. We can't wait to launch the site this month!

9. I tend to communicate in pop culture references about 50% of the time. Thanks to Chaucee for pointing that out last night haha.

10. I want to buy everything from the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's. I love her clothes and drool over her collection every season.

11. I'm currently trying to be smarter with my finances. I'm currently reading "Women & Money" by the great Suze Orman to kickstart some learning! (P.S. I bought this book from Aids Thrift in South Philly for $2. Hello deal!)

Liebster Award |

1. What is your favorite video on YouTube? Currently, it would be anything by Maria Forleo. Her videos are so empowering for women!

2. Do you like the Philly sports teams? Philly Union because I love soccer!

3. What is your favorite area to shop in the city? Being a freelancer, my favorite areas to shop would be thrift stores because you can find some random a$$ things! But in general, I can never go wrong with Rittenhouse (H&M, Urban, Buffalo Exchange!).

4. #1 tips for new bloggers? Simplicity is key. More people are likely to be attracted to your site if it provides great content and in a minimalist way, rather than great content that's cluttered all over the place.

5. Recommend your favorite book. The last great book I read was Gone Girl by Julie Flynn. I couldn't put the book down at all! My goal is to start reading more books and articles starting TODAY!

6. What is your dream vacation? Something that involves being really lazy, a lot of food, and some sunshine and beach. Let's say FIJI!

7. Give us your favorite hidden Philly gem? Hhhmm too many to count! Smak Parlour is pretty awesome and full of pretty and girly gems. Now that I'll be working in Old City, I feel bad for my wallet...but not really. ;)

8. Are you more or a beach or pool girl? Beach! I love playing random games and chilling with friends in the ocean and laying on some hot sand.

9. Is there a beauty item you can’t live without? Tinted moisturizer is my favorite! I'm currently using a Revlon BB Cream, and I love it!

10. What is your favorite Philly restaurant? Circles Thai for sentimental reasons (met my boyfriend there). Plus...they have the BEST Thai food in the city! #nom

11. How has blogging changed your life? I've gotten to express my creativity in more than one way, made a ton of new friends, and I've been able to improve my design and editorial skills thanks to blogging.

Liebster Award |

1. Jacqui of Burgundy Whispers

2. Mecca of StyledOutLoud

3. Dalia of OHMYDALIA

4. Michelle of ChellieKelley

5. Emma of Philly Love Notes

Liebster Award |

1. Favorite Reality TV Show & Why?

2. What's Your Favorite Brunch Spot?

3. Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

4. What's Your Dream Job?

5. What's The Best Investment For Your Blog?

6. What Are Three Things You Always Carry In Your Purse?

7. Who's Your Celebrity Doppelgänger?

8. If You Could Recommend A Book For Me, What Would It Be?

9. Where Do You See Your Blog Going By Next Year?

10. What Do Your Parents Think About You And Your Blog?

11. What's Your Favorite Website To Waste Time On (Other Than Facebook)?


Thanks for reading folks, and keep on passing the Liebster "liebe".