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LifeLately Dang it's been a few weeks since I've posted! I frequent the blog often, but I guess I end up switching to one of my other tabs right away. Boo on me for taking a step back over on the Melissa Alam headquarters. Running a few businesses ain't easy folks; there's always this constant fear of failure or disappointment from clients that I feel will happen. Probably a common occurrence for solopreneurs, so please comment below and let me know I'm not alone haha.

As for work, I've got some exciting projects coming up. I've been slowly building up a great client base, and I'm looking forward to gaining clients for a long-term period moving forward. Whether that's through consulting or social media monthly, my passion is to develop brands and yearly contracts would be superb. I'm also co-hosting an upcoming conference with a very lovely lady, and we've pushed the date to October now so stay tuned for updates here and there as we plan. As for the blogging world, I've decided to rebrand Blog Bloom a bit into a more sustainable education source for bloggers. I'm working on the branding and concept right now with a few other blogging friends, so fingers crossed it becomes a success!

Other than that, I'm just living life day by day. I've been working more at a local co-working space and it's been super productive for me. Sitting at home with my cute kitty is great, but way too distracting. The boy and I have decided to take a break to focus on ourselves for a bit, so this "single life" has been somewhat freeing (we'll see how long that lasts...). Also, spring has finally arrived in Philly (AMEN!) so expect more photoshoots and more of me out on the town. Networking used to be my middle name, so I'm going to get back in the grind of meeting people and making new friends. I've been hibernating for too long! (Sidenote: I'm going to the Yellow Conference in Los Angeles this August - who else is attending!?)

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend, and I'll try to post more of what's going on with my life here. Stay awesome friends!

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