Life Lately

(Wo)Man, have I been slacking on my blog. Especially considering that this is my "happy place" on the internet, I should probably be posting more. Blogging can be very therapeutic to a lot of people, and I definitely could use some internet therapy in my life. Having your business can be stressful, people! Not being able to rely on a consistent paycheck can make one very creative, let's just say (nothing illegal mom!). I only recently understood how much work I was actually capable of doing earlier in my freelance career. I would work non-stop, slaving away until the wee hours of the night working on client deliverable. Now that I'm almost in my second year of freelancing (and the fact that it's a beautiful summer here in Philly), I've begun to spend my time less in my home office, and more in a Dora The Explorer kind of way. I feel like I'm in my rebellious teenager phase in my freelance career right now, but when it comes down to it - the work (and show) must go on. I have to remind myself to keep chugging away towards my goals and dreams so that by the time I'm 30, I'm actually paid to take vacations around the world. Wink face. Other than my new social life, life lately has been interesting. I bought an awesome new bike for only $50 on Craigslist, went to NYC for a workshop on being A Lovely It Girl, and I randomly decided to go to Bangladesh and was able to book a ticket for a flight five days from now. Talk about last minute trip to Target for bug repellent! I don't know if I'm "running away" from work (or life) per se, but I guess I'd like to be in a different setting for a bit. Get some fresh air. Enliven the creative juices. That, and the fact that I'm intrigued in the potential photography I could take there now that I actually know what Manual mode means. I only pray that none of my precious technology gets hijacked or lost during this trip. I.Would.Die. Or at least boycott social media for a bit since I'm a brat and all.

I'll try and blog more because like I said, blogging is free therapy. Hope you're all having an awesome start to the second half of this year! Crazy how time flies, but alas, half of 2014 is gone and hopefully you all don't have too many regrets so far. And I hope you've all been keeping track of your receipts for taxes, because I haven't and I know I'll be having a terrible mid-April again next year. Some may even call me a psychic...

So anyway, have a great week y'all!

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