Life is like a Mojito

...because they are both oh so delicious! A traditionally Cuban drink, Mojitos are made from white rum, sugar, lime, sparkling water, and mint leaves! I was at Rum Bar (20th and Walnut) recently and had some of their delicious mojito selections (classic, strawberry, and a cucumber concoction). The food was pretty overpriced for a college student, but three mojitos later and I didn't care! After some great conversation with even greater people, I realized that I need to figure out my life plans. I felt so inspired. Should I buy myself a ticket to Barcelona and find a random job? Should I apply to Grad School for Marketing and settle in some random city? Or should I move to DC and "hold hands publicly" as John Legend put it so eloquently? It's Spring Break and I'm a little lost and confused at things right now. But hey, when life gets tough, at least you have Mr. Mojito to cheer you up!