Link Love

Link-LoveThe weekend here in Philly has been gorgeous. With the pumpkin spice flowing through my veins, fall is definitely in the air. Here are some fun articles or blog posts I've read this week, in case you were stuck at home working like myself. Consider this a little break for your creative and entrepreneurial minds to grow!

- I just learned about Aiala Hernando from a beautiful new blog I found called Oh So Pretty. You must check out the food photography from Aiala!

- A coffee shop I haven't heard about located right in Old City. Coffee date next week anyone?

Madewell has come to downtown Philly and we attended their opening party. I'm definitely going to have to save up some dough up so I can buy something pretty from there!

- I should probably add these to my weekend to-do list...

An awesome #GSD interview from Meg Biram.

This project/freelance gig is what dreams are made of. I would love to trade my services for an opportunity like this!

This is an awesome interview about the rise of the blogger behind Cupcakes and Cashemeres. Le sigh, if we could all be blogging heartthrobs like Emily!

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