Little Branch- West Village, NYC

My adventures in Manhattan took me all over the amazing island. One of our stops was Little Branch located in the West Village. It took us forever to find it because it was such a discreet shack door on the corner of a street. The line wasn't long, but the "bouncer" (a white guy dressed in a suit) couldn't let that many people in because of space limitation. A half hour later, we walked in and down some steps into this tiny little area. The decor was very dark and glowy; a good place for a date or night out gossiping with your chickas. The bartenders were all dressed in suits and suspenders as well, adding to the whole 1920's Prohibition aura to the place. The interesting thing about the bar was that you can tell the bartender your favorite liquor, flavor or taste, and he will be able to make some fantastic concoction with all these ingredients. My friends got Jasmine Rose and I got some Pomegranate Mint cocktail. The price however was not fun, as the dreamy cocktail cost $13.

Overall, this place was very low-key and seemed a little too exclusive for my taste. No background music and long waiting lists to enter and sit down at a booth were not to my liking. The best part of the night was the creativity and choice given to your drink, making alcoholism seem like an art and the bartender Picasso. I give it a 5 out of 10 stars.