Looking to get hired?

Check out Tischen.com! An extremely easy application that I just so happened to stumble upon through Twitter today. Connected via Facebook, one click on their homepage and you'll have a new home base for future job opportunities! Easily navigate for job titles and locations at the top to even find available services through other connected Tischen-ers. I give this website a 7 out of 10 on my Social Media scale-o-meter because of its easy to use navigation and mission to create jobs for the unemployed. Founder Saman Rahmanian (@saman325) claims to have started Tischen because there were no available websites to search for freelancers or contractors, nor see their availability. Tischen allows users to see locations and vicinities of employees, as well as utilize a calendar to view their available times! Tischen incorporates practical and easy functions into one website, allowing anyone from a plumber to a lawyer to effectively help create their own brand or image for hire. My only hesitation to rate this website higher my fear that not a lot of enough people know about this catchy website, causing the hopeful to maybe become hopeless. I'll be creating my own homepage on Tischen, so let's see if it works! Some cool features I've just found: -Tischen's in-house promotion tools! Not only can you create links to all your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Linkedin, etc.) but you can create flyers, business cards and more using Tischen's own template linked to your profile. This is a huge plus for lots of professionals with no creative background. Great idea Tischen! **Update** Check out my new widget for hiring no the right side of this page! -Did I mention the navigational tools for editing on this site are simply amazing!? All in all, I think I'm in love!