Lots Of Teaching!

BloomCamp copy It's been two weeks full of teaching. From teaching blogging best practices at BloomCamp to teaching Wordpress to an older crowd in the Philly suburbs, it's been busy! I've always loved teaching and I find it a great way to build your reputation while also taking a break from the usual client-to-client work I do on a daily basis. I'm able to reach a bigger crowd through teaching, and frankly, it's fun! Public speaking about blogging and tech stuff is what I want I want to do when I "grow up," so I'm trying to earn my stripes now. I'm looking for more speaking gigs, so wish me luck as I try to turn my awkwardness into charisma in front of people!

Here are some photos (shot on my new full-frame Canon 6D!!!) from BloomCamp below #ftw. I can't wait to see how these awesome bloggers flourish in the coming months!