Love is like Atlantic City

So I was in AC this past weekend and just tried to take everything in. People sit at slot machines and tables till the wee hours of the morning, just hoping for that jackpot. I wanted to say how depressing they looked, but aren't we all gambling our lives away waiting for our own "jackpot"? We can't judge these old geezers sitting at these machines with their bucket of quarters, because we ourselves share that same hope. We gamble away our time and resources in order to feel the excitement of flashing lights and noises securing our win and profit. Gambling away our lives for that silver lining on our own individually wrapped cloud. We put our hearts and souls into relationships only to spin the wheel and end up left with zero credits. We find companionship and the first sign of attachment leaves us quickly printing out our tickets to cash out. Sometimes fear holds us back and we walk away. Other times we risk it all, putting in all our tokens or chips, and press that shiny, large button hoping for the best. Higher the risk, greater the return right? Is life really worth the countless hours sitting in a casino waiting for the big payoff, or should we just take the easy route and bet it all on that one roll of the those two white polka-dotted cubes?